How to use: Cabernet Drizzle

How to use: Cabernet Drizzle

Made from Hawke's Bay Cabernet, this drizzle has been slowly reduced with sugar, giving it an irresistible sweet Cabernet flavour.   

Try some of our favourite recipe ideas…
  • A marinade for steak, fish, venison or pork

  • Add to onions, peppers or mushrooms when sautéing 

  • Drizzle over lamb, venison or chicken after cooking 

  • Pour over berries, fruit, cakes, ice cream or puddings 

  • Dress risotto just before serving 

  • Use as decoration for beautiful presentation on the edge

       of your serving plate 

  • Use as a dressing for salads. Beautiful with chicken and Camembert salad


Tip: Best kept at room temperature to prevent crystallization.    

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