Rewards Club

Thanks for shopping with us

Every odd number website order gets a free product reward, -starting with your first order.  (Qualifying spend $50, excluding freight).

Rewards are subject to change based on availability at time of order.

Order number  Free product
1 Traditional Olives 300g
3 Golden Balsamic Drizzle 250ml
5 Manuka Smoke infused Balsamic Drizzle 250ml
7 Traditional Olives 300g
9 Drunken Prunes 300g
11 Marinated Figs 300g
13 Smoked Semi Dried Tomatoes 190g
15 Lemon & Herb Olives 300g
17 Burnt Orange & Fennel Olives 225g
19 Cabernet Drizzle 250ml
21 Wasabi Vinaigrette 250ml
23 Balsamic Drizzle 250ml