Slow-Cooker Hāngi
Slow-Cooker Hāngi
Slow-Cooker Hāngi
Slow-Cooker Hāngi
Slow-Cooker Hāngi

Slow-Cooker Hāngi

Recipe by Alison Leonard

INGREDIENTS: Per Hāngi Package (slow cooker should hold 2-3 Hāngi packages)

1 chicken drum stick

1 pork strip or chop

1 ball of stuffing

1-2 Potato pieces

1-2 Kumara pieces

1-2 Carrot pieces

1-2 Pumpkin pieces

2-3 Cabbage leaves Salt and pepper Smoked Paprika (optional) Use larger leaves

Telegraph Hill Manuka Smoke Concentrate Spray 


  • Place the cabbage leave onto a large sheet of tinfoil. 
  • Then add the meat, season with salt and pepper and spray with 2-3 squirts of the Manuka smoked concentrate
  • Add the vegetables and stuffing on top of the meat, season again and spray with another 2-3 squirts of Manuka smoke concentrate
  • Wrap each parcel securely in the tin foil
  • Put 6-8 small rolled-up balls of tin foil (or 2 ramekins upside down) in the bottom of the slow cooker and pour in water to just cover the balls ramekins. 
  • Place foil wrapped packages of meat and vegetable on top of the tin foil balls/ ramekins.  Cover with a damp tea-towel over the slow cooker with the edges hanging down the outside and place lid on top.  Cook for 6-8 hours on high (we found 8 hours worked best and gave an authentic smokey hāngi smell). Do not lift lid until time is up.

Stuffing for Slow-Cooker Hāngi by Alison Leonard Serves 2-3 Hāngi Packages


Stuffing 4 Slices Bread

1 x Egg

1 x Onion

1 Tablespoon Mixed Herbs

Salt & Pepper

METHOD: Tear bread into small pieces and place in food-processor to create breadcrumbs Finely chop onion, add remaining ingredients and mix, then mould into small balls.

IDEAS: You could use store-bought stuffing if you want, and you can make stuffing using your hands (don’t need a food-processor). A great meal when you don't have a kitchen.

Side Notes:  We tried a couple of different combinations and found having the meat on the bottom worked well and the meat stayed moist.

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