Hot Honey Halloumi

Hot Honey Halloumi


·         600g halloumi cheese

·         5 tablespoon Telegraph Hill Hot Honey Drizzle

·         1 medium lemon, zest only

·         4 sprigs thyme

·         2-3tablespoon Telegraph Hill Extra Virgin olive oil


1.    Slice halloumi in 1-centimetre-thick pieces

2.    In a small bowl, add the Telegraph Hill Hot Honey Drizzle, lemon zest and thyme leaves. Mix well.

3.    Add one layer of halloumi slices to an air tight container. Spoon over a layer of the honey lemon dressing. Add another layer of halloumi on top, add dressing, repeating until all the cheese has been added. Pour over any remaining dressing.

4.    Place container in the fridge to marinate overnight, if possible, otherwise a few hours will do.

5.    Every now and then, turn container upside down so dressing can marinate and coat the cheese on all sides.

6.    Heat some of the olive oil in a pan on medium heat.

7.    Pat the halloumi cheese dry as it will stick to the frying pan. Add to the heated frying pan.

8.    After 2-3 minutes when you have a nice sear, turn the cheese around. After 1 minute, add a few spoons of the dressing to glaze the cheese. Once the second side has seared, remove from the pan and add to a plate.

9.    Keep repeating this process until all cheese is cooked

10. When serving, add a few more spoons of the honey dressing to coat the cheese, then eat and enjoy!