These Olives Are Too Salty

These Olives Are Too Salty

Some olives have high levels of salt and vinegar in them.  This is done as an additional precaution in production to preserve the olives, but often these can be not so nice to eat. This can be disappointing when opening the jar at home. 

As a bit of an aside, different varieties of olives will taste better with different salt levels.  Also the addition of a lot of salt can mask the taste of a lot of acid or vinegar in the brine.  Strong flavoured olives may taste better with more salt, and conversely light flavoured olives may taste better with less salt.  All a matter of perception...

So, rather than throw too salty olives out (what a waste!) how to reduce the salt content of these olives?

At Telegraph Hill we've found our favourite level of salt at 6% works well for our olives and fermentation flavour.  You will not have to reduce the salt in Telegraph Hill olives!

But if you have some too salty olives you can easily reduce the salt level to get them just how you like them.  Simply pour out the original brine down the sink, and replace with a new solution made from.

  • 400ml water
  • 1 tsp white vinegar 

Put this back in the fridge for 2-3 days, the salt will come out of the olives and equalise in the water so that both the olive and the water have the same salt content.  Keep tasting and repeat the process, to get the perfect flavour.

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