Enjoy daffodils at home and help a family affected by Cancer

Enjoy daffodils at home and help a family affected by Cancer

Telegraph hill planted 1100 daffodil bulbs in the Autumn of 2016, with the idea that it would look fantastic to have the daffodils blooming under the rows of Olive trees.  These are now blooming and it does look amazing. Over the next three weeks they will be enjoying the bulbs as they come out. (We are expecting 4,400 flowers, 4 per bulb)

“It feels a bit selfish to keep these all to ourselves, so we would like to donate these to the community. We invite the people of Hawkes Bay to pick as many as you like and donate in the Olivery shop to the Cancer Society” says Geoff Crawford, owner Telegraph Hill.

All donations will be gratefully passed onto Trudy Kirk, Hawke’s Bay Centre Manager, Cancer Society.

“We are grateful of all donations in support of our fundraising, especially when we do not have to provide staff or put time into initiatives such as what Telegraph Hill are doing this year” says Ms Kirk

Geoff Crawford: “2020 is the fourth year we have been helping the Cancer Society, the great thing is we can do this fundraising every year.  These daffodils will keep producing more flowers every year so we can keep raising more money every year”  

All 1100 daffodils are the ‘Carlton’ variety a two-tone yellow daffodil with soft yellow petals encircle a large, frilly, golden yellow cup. 


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