Do I Need To Wash My Olives

Do I Need To Wash My Olives

Yes, no , wait, maybe yes wash those olives, but when? how much washing?

When googling a recipe for how to cure olives you can get a thousand different best ways, all profess to be THE way to cure olives... but really? are they all right? and do they all work?

The answer is simple, yes they are all correct processing techniques, and they all do work, but what you really need to know is: what one is going to work for me?

Do you want to prick or slice each olive before curing, do you want to change the water every day?  Yes? then do it.

How much energy and time do you have for this project will determine what method of curing you choose.

A general rule is the more time spent at the start will speed up the curing.

So back to washing.....should you wash your olives as part of the curing fermentation process?

Yes.  Wash your olives.

How mush you wash really depends, as you can get away with not washing at all, but really you should, at least at the start.

So if you have not much time, wash your olives after picking, this removes the 'field dirt' on them basically any dust, dirt, harvest debris, and bird droppings. 

Then follow these instructions to a time saving low energy (for you) time taking (for the olives to be ready) method.

If you have time then wash your olives after picking, then slit or prick them, then do multiple washes in the following days, but not too many as you do not want to flush out all the sugars used in the fermentation. Then do the fermentation of the olives in the salt brine. 

This will give you a faster ferment time and your olives will be ready sooner than if you didn't do all the work!

Whatever happens enjoy the process.  This Kit will make life easy too.

Telegraph Hill Cure Olives Kit


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