Day 10 Update: Havelock North town water supply campylobacter infection

Day 10 Update: Havelock North town water supply campylobacter infection

Telegraph Hill product safety:

We are lucky at Telegraph Hill to be on a separate supply to the Havelock North town supply.

This means we have not been using the infected water in our production.

We can confirm that our products are safe to eat.

Ongoing preventative measures:

We have taken some prudent steps to ensure product safety.

  1. We are a separate water system to the affected Havelock North supply.
  2. This separate system is a bore water, from our own well.  We are regularly testing this water, and will continue to regularly test until we know more information.  Tests so far have all been clear. 
  3. To make sure our products are safe, we keep all manufactured product on hold in our warehouse until the clear result is received.
  4. We will continue this cycle of holding product, testing the water, and releasing it, until we have clarity from the Hastings District Council on the healthiness of every bore in Hastings.

My research to date tells me that our bore water is an independent aquifer from the aquifer that supplies the water for the Havelock North Town supply.  We are separated by 3km, and we are uphill and to the west from it.  Aquifers do have a flow from hills (in the west) to the sea (in the east), and this is in our favour (water doesn’t flow uphill).

I do expect that once the source of the infection for the Havelock North Town Supply is found, we will be able to evaluate predict the future health of our bore.  Until then we will continue these preventative steps to ensure we sell safe product.

Geoff Crawford

Owner / / Managing Director


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