What does a warm wet summer do to the Olives?

What does a warm wet summer do to the Olives?

We've had a wet summer so far, plenty of rain followed by hot sunny days between the rain fronts.  The kind of weather that makes things grow fast.  I really notice it when I am constantly having to mow the lawn, again.  The plants all keep growing because the usual summer dry hasn't started, and they love the warm wet conditions!

Look how green the grass is under the Olive Trees.

So this translates to the olives too. They are growing fast, enjoying the additional rainfall followed by sun and heat. So far we have had good early growth for our table olives.  They are putting on weight and size is slightly up on last year.  We put this down to the increased water availability, and good tree health.

On the downside (there's always ying with the yang) the increased cloud cover slows photosynthesis and could reduce oil production in our oil crops.  The remaining summer sunshine now becomes very important for the oil build up and yields for the year.

So I'd like to order our usual summer sunshine from here, enough of the rain thanks!


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