Olive Harvest 2020 begins

Telegraph Hill Green Olives

This year at Telegraph Hill we began our hand harvest of these greens under Level 3 COVID-19.

I didn't/couldn't imagine that 48 hours later we'd be working through a Level 4 home lock down for the next four weeks (the majority of harvest).

Anyway it was a beautiful day for hand harvesting, no wind, slight cloud cover and warm temperatures.  The variety of these is Uovo D'Piccione (Egg of a Pidgeon) as the name suggests a big green olive.

These trees are all based at the Olivery.  There are only three trees, so these are just sold locally to restaurants.  My favourite tree - one is allowed to have a favourite - produced 44kg.  A new record for this tree.  I am a pleased father...

Telegraph Hill Olives

The next grove was a different Variety - Manzanillo which makes the most of our stocks.  This was machine harvested, making it easier to keep social distancing spaces.

These yielded well with a 85% meeting size requirement, so only a small quantity of under size sent to oil production.  We just keep the bigger olives for eating.

This Picture is a pre harvest size check on next weeks grove. It is looking good at this point, with one chance per year to harvest, we must take it.  As they say: Food is ready, when it is ready.

Keep safe and be kind.


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