Coconut oil is bad for your heart

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I’ve watched the ‘clever marketing’ for coconut oil, it's shown me if you say something enough times it becomes a truth. Despite the science.

Here’s an article from the American Heart Association stating its as bad for your heart as any other saturated fat.  A full circle back to ‘old school’ thinking.  Saturated fats are bad for your heart health.  Saturated fats have always been bad for you, but somehow coconut oil (which is 82% saturated fat) wasn’t.  Thumbs up for the marketing people, job well done, nailed the sales targets. 

Of course plenty of science has shown that coconut oil "healthy" claims are unsubstantiated.  But facts and science are so boring! President Trump has shown us that.

Dr Laurence Eyres, a New Zealand specialist in oils and fats says  "Traditionally, coconut oil hasn't been recommended because it is extremely high in saturated fat. This advice remains, despite the large number of marketing claims to the contrary". 

Consumer Magazine had a go too.

And for me? The only oil we use in our house is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and my cholesterol level is the best in my family.  Proves EVOO is good for everyone eh?




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