Cabernet wine & Olive Oil Easter eggs

Olive Oil Easter EggsCabernet drizzle and olive oil centers, with dark chocolate coat.

In what perhaps is a world first, Vinnie Beaumont at Telegraph Hill has made a cabernet wine and olive oil Easter egg.

This is definitely an egg for adult taste, while sweet from the cabernet drizzle, the olive oil gives richness and depth, with a chocolate coated finish.  These delectable eggs are strictly adults only!

The gooey centre is made of Cabernet Drizzle and Olive Oil.  Utilising his Chef skills Vinnie has combined these two ingredients into a gooey centre.  Then covered with dark chocolate.  With each egg just a mouthful they are a perfect for desert canapés 

The eggs come in a three pack with a dark chocolate, white chocolate drizzle and olive powder 


“You can definitely taste the oil in the filling showing how olive oil can highlight to good flavours in food” says Vinnie.

Vinnie making easter eggs from olive oilWe’ve made these eggs as a fun reward for our customers who visit the Olivery shop.  Just something a little different and fun to eat after a day of children and chocolate!

Traditionally olive oil is used when painting Easter eggs.  Olive oil is used when creating the marbling effect on the shell.  Beautiful patterns are created using the oil to displace the dye. 

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