Happenings on the Grove

Its spring so early indications are showing of flower shoots.  They are starting to appear on the branches that grew last year.  You can see them on the photo.  

Early indications are that we have a strong flowering start this year, so its all positive for plenty of olives at Harvest 2015.

We are planning to prune in October, to cut out older wood and encourage new growth for future fruiting wood.  The pruning will help increase air flow through the tree, slowing the growth of any fungal disease.

Keeping on top of the grass is done by sheep in our main "Villas" grove.  It is nice and natural and cheaper than mowing!

At the Olivery we mow the grass so that it looks nice for functions and events.  This year we are under-grounding the irrigation, so Colin the groundsman can't accidentally mow it!



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